Russian government Scholarship for Cameroonians 2019/2020





Department of Student Assistance
and Welfare



The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education hereby announces to the general public and prospective applicants that the Russian government is offering 47 scholarships for the 2019/2020 academic Year.

Awards are open in the following domains:

-Cartography and geomancy;
-Hydrometeorology applied;
-Ecology and the use of resources; natural;
-Forest Engineering and Wood Processing Technology;
-Agrochemistry and agrology
-Bio aquatic resources and Aquaculture;
-Industrial fishing;
-Landscape architecture;
-Hydro technology;
-Veterinary and sanitary examination;
-Mathematics and Mechanics;
-Computer and Information Sciences;
-Physics and Astronomy;
-Biological sciences;
-Construction Technologies;
-Computers and Computers;
-Aviation and Space Technology;
-Navigation and Exploitation of Aviation and Space Technology;
-Marine Engineering and Plaritime
Transport Technologies;
-Management in Technical Systems;
-Nanotechnologies and Materials;
-Light Industry Technology;
-Infirmary ;
-Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries;
-Veterinary Medicine
-Psychological science;
-Economics and Management ;
-Sociology and social action;
-Law ;
-Political Science and Regional Studies;
-Regional studies from abroad;
-Regional Studies of Russia
-Political Sciences ;
-International relationships ;
-Public policies and social sciences;
-Nass Nedia, Information and
-Tourism and service;
-Hotel Business ;
-Education and Pedagogical
-Information security ;
-Electronic Engineering, Radio Engineering and Communication;
-Photonics, Apparatus Construction, Optical and Biotechnical Systems and Technologies;
-Electrical and Thermal Energy;
-Nuclear Energy Technology;
-Mechanical construction ;
-Physico-technical Sciences and Technologies;
-Chemical Technologies;
-Ecology and industrial biotechnology;
-Security Technosphere and Environmental
-Applied Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas Engineering, Geodesy;
-Materials Technology;
-Land transport technologies;
-Linguistics and Literary Studies;
-History and archeology;
-Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies;
-Physical culture and sport;
-Art Studies;
-Cultural sciences and social and cultural projects;
-Scélogie and literary art;
-Musical art;
-Visual Arts and Decorative Arts;
-Oriental and African studies.

I- Eligibility:

  • Candidates should be of Cameroonian nationality (both sexes);
  •  Candidates should be in good health both physically and mentally; 
  • Candidates should be holders of GCE A/L or Baccalaureate with at least a fairly good grade or AB for the first cycle;
  • Candidates should be holders of a Master’s degree or a Doctorate degree from any recognised Russian University, with fairly good marks at least, for post university studies;
  • Candidates should be 25 years at most for the first cycle and 35 years at most for the post graduate levels.

II- The application file should comprise the following:

A handwritten stamped application addressed to the Minister of Higher Education with your field of study chosen, sex, age, region of origin and two telephone numbers clearly stated;
An application form is available in the Ministry of Higher Education, Department of Student Assistance and Welfare, 15th floor, room 1517 or to be downloaded and printed on the following link
A certified copy of birth certificate dated not more than 3 months;
A certificate of Nationality;
Certified copies of GCE O/L and A/L or BEPC, Probatoire and Baccalaureate with transcripts;

Report cards for forms 5, Lower and Upper 6th for GCE A/L holders; Certified copies of University Degrees;
•: A detailed curriculum vitae;
A study plan or a research project of Mo pages written in the Russian language (for post university studies);
A medical certificate with HIV/AIDS test.
A photocopy of a valid passport or a receipt indicating that you have applied for one;
04 most recent 4 x 4 passport size photograph with your name and telephone number behind;
One CD disk containing a scanned of passport copy, the application form, one 3×4 photo.

Candidates are advised to submit 2 copies of the completed application (01 original+ 01 photocopy) at the Ministry of Higher Education, Department of Student Assistance and Welfare, 15’h floor, room 1504 latest 15 march at 3:30 pm.

N.B : Important notice.

Candidates should acces the website http//:www.russia- to choose their field of study and the corresponding sub-code, since the aforementioned fields of studies are generalities (see step 4 of the web site).
The candidate has the right to choose 06 higher education establishments in Russia (not more than two in each federal region, including Moscow and Saint-Petersburg).
Candidates should not fill the first 03 boxes on the form, numbers 3, 4, 5, 10, 22.2, 30, 31and the last box.
Any wrongly filled form will lead to the cancellation of the

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