Internet accessibility in  Cameroon has  become very necessary for everyone,  since majority of Cameroonian are seeking for Education in both  public and private institutions. The Public institutions are what Cameroonians are targeting the most because they might end up working in the Public sector.

To get into this Public Sector,  individual has to pass through a filtering competitive examination system commonly known as "CONCOUR" before they can gain access into these Public institutions.

Concours Cameroon is here to contributes to the development of Cameroon by making available to the general public useful information on all public and private education institutions in  Cameroon.

If You're tired of wasting time searching for topics on official open-access exams on the web, free and quality information on scholarships, information on schools in Cameroon and all over the world, job offers and academic internships for students, Concours Cameroon is here to help you.

At Concour Cameroon, We strive to provide Educational Resources, orientation to students, latest job offers and many more.

In Concours Cameroon, you will find the subjects and corrected entrance exams to the big schools of Cameroon such as: ENS, ENAM, EAMAU, ENIEG, IFORD, IRIC, IUT, ENSET, ESSEC,FGI, FASA, FMSB, ENSP, ESSTIC, ENSP ... made available to you by master's, doctoral and teaching students.

To this end, Concours Cameroon shall undoubtly enable education to develop with a view to promote academic excellence in Cameroon

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