MINRESI Cameroon Recruitment of 173 Researchers MINFOPRA Cameroon 2018-2019


MINRESI Cameroon recruitment of 173 (one hundred and seventy-three) Researchers for the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation – MINRESI for the 2017 financial year. 
N° 00042 / MINRESI of 27 DEC 2017.
In application of Correspondence N°B70/d-16/SG/PM of 25 August 2017 relating to the Recruitment Plan of personnel into the Public Service Personnel for 2017
The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the recruitment (by study of files) of one hundred and seventy-three (173) researchers into research institutes and institutions under the supervision of her Ministerial Department for 2017. 


I.1 Distribution of Recruitment Positions for each Institute and Research Unit.

The number of vacancies/positions allocated to each institute is as follows:
  • Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD) 73 vacancies.
  • National Institute of Cartography (INC) 20 vacancies.National Radioprotection Agency (ANRP) 05 vacancies.
  • Institute for Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Study (IMPM): 25 vacancies.
  • Institute of Geological and Mining Research (IRGM) 20 vacancies.
  • Local Materials Promotion Authority (MIPROMALO) 15 vacancies.
  • National Centre of Education (CNE): 05 vacancies.
  • National Committee for the Development of Technologies (CNDT) 10 vacancies.

I.3 Statute for Researchers MINRESI Cameroun
Successful applicants shall be contractualised according to the provisions of Decree N°80/275 of 18 July 1980 relating to the Statute for Researchers, and salaries shall be treated according to the Salary scale index annexed to this decree.

Completed application files are received (against a receipt) by the mail service of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (MINRESI), latest Friday, 26 January 2018, and should comprise the following documents: 
This recruitment is open to holders of a Master of Science (with thesis), DEA (Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies), and Diploma/MSc. in Design Engineering, Doctorate, Ph.D, Doctorat/ Ph.D or any certificate equivalent to one of these.
  • A stamped application (one thousand (1000) CFA francs fiscal stamp) addressed to the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation. 
  • A completed information sheet (information sheet), indicating the candidate’s specialty, research institute or institution solicited and grade solicited for recruitment, available at:The Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation:

– at the mail service of MINRESI.
– at SPPD/MINRESI Secretariat.
– on its Website: http://www.minresi.net or
– at its Regional Research and Innovation Centres (RRIC).The Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform:
– on its web site: http://www.minfopra.gov.cm.
  • A receipt showing payment of an application fee of fifteen thousand (15000) francs, issued by the Chief of Service for Budget and Materials at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.
  • A certificate of non conviction, bulletin n°3 not more than three (03) months old.A certified true copy of birth certificate not more than three (03) months old.A detailed curriculum vitae. 
  • Two (02) passport size photographs of not more than 3 months, bearing the candidates’ names clearly written at the back.
  • Certified true copies of all certificates from Baccalaureate or GCE Advanced Level, signed not more than three (03) months by a relevant public authority. 
  • An attestation of presentation of the original of the highest degree/certificate signed not more than three (03) months by a relevant public authority. 
  • A copy of defended dissertation or thesis to obtain the highest degree. 
  • Any official documentary evidence of current activity as researcher or university lecturer in a foreign country.
  •  Reprints of published scientific articles.
  • A medical certificate not more than 3 months old, issued by a Medical Doctor of a State hospital certifying that the candidate is in a good mental and physical state to function as a researcher.
  • A large stamped envelope (five hundred (500) CFA francs) bearing the candidate’s address.

1. All incomplete files or application files coming late, files that contain falsified documents or documents signed in a Police Commissariat shall not be accepted or shall simply be rejected;
2. Applicants who submitted incomplete application files or which do not meet the exigencies as stated above, should collect them from the competent service at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation to complete them or put in order;
3. Where an institute cannot exhaust her quarter of the vacancy allocation for one reason or the other, the remaining positions can be redeployed to other institutions that express the need.
III. Conditions to fulfill for candidature:
  • Be at most thirty (30) years old on 1st January, 2017 for all applicants for the post of Research Assistant (Attaché de Recherche)
  • .Be at most thirty-five (35) years old on 1st January, 2017 for all applicants for a post of Research Officer (Chargé de Recherche).
  • Be at most forty (40) years old on 1st January, 2017 for all applicants for the post of Senior Research Officer (Maître de Research) or Chief Research officer (Directeur de Recherche).
  • Any applicant for a post higher than Research Assistant (Attaché de Recherche) must show proof that he/she is presently carrying out equivalent duties as researcher or university lecturer in a national or foreign institution. He must be holder of a higher education terminal degree and have a number of scientific publications that satisfy the present conditions required for promotion to the grade he/she is soliciting in Cameroon.
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