Jobs Opportunity: Administrative Assistant at Plan International

Location: Yaounde, CE, CM
Company: Plan International
Department & Location: Administration Department, Global Fund Yaounde
Reports to (position): Project Manager / Administrative Coordinator.

Purpose:  How does this post support Plan’s strategy and mission?

To ensure effective and efficient coordination of procurement, contract, hotel booking process, fixed asset follow-up and office related activities towards implementation of the country’s program.

Dimensions of Role:
Procurement, logistic and administrative support to the project team.
Area of Responsibility (Location): Global Fund Yaounde
Typical Responsibilities – Key End Results of Position:
“What” is done and “why”, but not “how”; include indicators for success
  • Give support for the procurement, logistic, fleet and administration management for the project as per the Operational Manual (OM), local procedures and policies to ensure value for money is obtained at all times;
  • Prepares Offers for Bids in accordance with the bidding guidelines;
  • Prepare regular requisitions for repairs and maintenance of vehicles, distribution of supplies, equipment and fixed asset as well as other clerical and administrative services such as security services, office & housekeeping, etc. …;
  • Ensure that all the procurement activities processed are capture in SAP,
  • Ensure the effective management of store to ensure the effective implementation of program activities with no reports or incidents on mismanagement of store;
  • Provide the project support in warehousing and other logistical support;
  • Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time to support the attainment of organizational goals.

Dealing with Problems:
Complexity of problems handled & the degree of investigation, analysis, & creative thinking required to solve them
  • Understands administrative requirements as per the OM and other policies and procedures and provides required services to staff,
  • Exhibit a good sense of judgment and responsibility in the performance of duties,
  • Works with minimum supervision,
  • Refers all final decision making to the supervisor.
Communications and Working Relationships:
Working contacts inside and outside the organization; include the purpose and level (high, medium, low) of the contact
  • Keeps and maintain a high contact with contractors, service providers and suppliers for the provision of goods, material, equipments, utilities repairs and maintenance that would ensure Plan receives value for money,
  • Maintains a high contact with all PU staff to receive and process requests for administrative services,
  • Maintains medium contact with staff of others Program Unit staff to offer support, information, influence and or reasoning with regards to administration related issues.
Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors, and Experience Required to Achieve Role’s Objectives:
Gained through education, training, & experience
Qualification and Experience
  • University Degree or Two years University Certificate (e.i BTS- DEUG) in Business Administration, Logistic, Law, Management,
  • Minimum two years’ experience of purchasing, fleet management, maintaining inventories and materials,
  • Computer skills,
  • Ability to use general office equipment such photocopiers, printers etc…
  • Experience working with an international NGO would be an advantage
  • Have knowledge of behavior and people habit of the target area might be an added value.
Demonstrated behaviors needed by the post-holder to successfully perform the role:
  • Planning and organizing abilities,
  • Timeliness and proactive in the execution of duties,
  • Ability to inter-act with staff, visitors and partners at all levels,
  • Communicates in a manner that inspires confidence and professionalism,
  • High sense of judgment and responsibility,
  • High sense of integrity,
  • High safety awareness level of area of operation,
  • Good team player.
Skills Specific to the post needed to put knowledge into practice.
  • Good communication and ICT skills,
  • Good inter-personal skills,
  • Good client/customer relations,
  • Good writing and reporting skills,
  • Good negotiation skills,
  • Strong team player,
  • High level of discretion,
  • Planning & organizing.
Physical Environment and Demands:
Travel requirements
This position requires 40% of travel time within the project implementation area 60% of the time on office related activities.
Level of Contact with Children:
Low contact:     No contact or very low frequency of interaction
Mid contact: Occasional interaction with children
High level:   Frequent interaction with children
Low contact- the job responsibilities of this position does not require the post holder to have any one-to-one contact with children on a daily basis. There would be occasional contact with children and it is expected that children shall be protected at all times.
Location: Yaounde
Closing Date: 20th january 2020

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