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The Gulf Field National Advanced School of petroleum Limbe Cameroon. Created in 2012, Gulf-Field Higher Institute of Petroleum is the first authorized and recognized petroleum institute in Cameroon and the CEMAC  Region. Gulf-Field has as mission to train young Cameroonians in the fields of Petroleum Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Petroleum Logistics and a host of other oil and gas related courses.

As an institute, we take pride in our students, lecturers, infra-structure and our strategic location to provide and train qualified engineers needed in the global oil and gas industry.
Admission Requirements.
To qualify for a place in Gulf-Field Institute, the candidate must have:
  • GCE A/L or Baccalaureate. 
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of both English and French.
  • Seat and pass the competitive entrance exam. 
  • Pay the first fee deposit. 

Our Admission process starts out in June and runs till September. Competitive entrance examinations are written in major towns like Limbe, Douala, Bafoussam, Bamenda, Yaoundé  and Maroua.
Scholarships are also available, check Gulf Field Higher Institute of Petroleum Limbe Scholarships GFNASP for more details.
The Campus.
Located in Limbe, our magnificent structures and the Gulf-Field Village is overlooking the prestigious National Oil Refinery SONARA. Our campus is modern, with well ventilated class- rooms, study rooms and research centers. Good recreational and relaxation sites have also been made installed on campus with.
Limbe is a tourist town that receives over 50 000 tourist annually who visit the great touristic sites like the Limbe Beach, Botanic Garden, Mt. Fako, The Limbe Beach and a host of others. All of these recreational sites are located just a few miles away from the campus. Students living on campus will have the opportunity to visit.
To enhance professional training, Gulf Field maintains a very close and cordial relationship with the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. TOTAL Cameroon
Gulf Field recently signed a partnership Agreement with TOTAL Cameroon to benefit from internship and em- ployment opportunities for students upon completion of studies. Also, they are to benefit from the following programs organised by TOTAL:
Young Graduate Program.
African Startup Challenges. etc.
Student Accomodation.
Gulf-Field operates a Luxurious and well secured student Hostel, with rooms of different sizes and categories. Every student is required to live on campus. This helps to cut down cost on rents, provides security for the student and also eases control of stu- dents and promotes discipline.
Our on campus student accommodation is well equipped with internet, satellite TV and recreational sites including a sporting ground, gardens, libarary, banquet hall, etc. more information can be found here

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