Concour 2016-2017: Institute of Fine Arts Foumban (iFAF) year 1 University of Dschang

Institute of Fine Arts Foumban (iFAF Concours): To launch the competitive entrance examination into tye first year of the Institute of Fine Arts Foumban (iFAF) of the University of Dschang for the 2016/2017 academic year. 

Article 1: A competitive entrance examination is open for the recruitment of 250 students into the first year of the Institute of Fine Arts Foumban of the University of Dschang for the 2016-2017 academic year, in the following training fields and domains: concourscameroon
  • Plastic Arts (Painting and drawing, sculpture, carving, ceramics, history of Arts and contemporary Arts): 50 places.
  • Decorative Arts (Dress-Design and Style, and Textile Arts) 50 places.
  • Arts, Technology and Heritage (Wood and Fibre Technology, Heritage and Museum Studies) : 45 places.
  • Performing Arts (Dance and Choreographic Arts, Musical Arts, Cinematographic and Audio-Visual Art, Theatre Art): 45 places.
  • Architecture and Engineering Art (Architecture: 60 places).
The examination will take place on the 5, 6 and 7 September 2016 in the following Centres: Foumban, Bamenda-Bambui, Yaounde-Nkolbisson, Dschang and Douala. concourscameroon
Article 2: Institute of Fine Arts Foumban.
  • The examination is open to Cameroonians of both sexes and holders of the Baccalauréat in all disciplines or any equivalent certificate recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Technical certificate (“Brevet de Technicien”), Professional Certificate (“Brevet Professionnel”), or the GCE Advanced Level in at least two subjects excluding Religious knowledge. concourscameroon
Candidates from the countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) having ratified the text governing the national treatment of students and having the required qualification are allowed to write under the same conditions as their Cameroonian counterparts
Candidates from countries which are not members of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa and those of member countries who are not participating in the examination can be admitted by the study of their files within the limits of the places available, if they are beneficiaries of Scholarships from their governments or an international organization which shows written proof of their readiness to pay their fees according to their status.
Article 3: Complete application files should reach the students’ affairs office (scolarité) of the institute of Fine Arts Fournban (IFAF) PO. Box 31 Foumban, latest August 29, 2016. They can be either sent before the closing date to the Director of the Institute of Fine Arts (IBAF), P.O: Box 31 Foumban or deposited directly at the students’ affairs office (scolarité) of the Institute of Fine Arts Foumban. They can also be deposited at any of the antennae of the University of Dschang, at Yaounde-Nkolbisson, at Ebolowa, Maroua and Bambui, or at Regional Delegations of Secondary Education. Files sent through the Post Office must be registered with acknowledgment of receipt.
  1. A completely filed registration form downloaded after following the procedures of preregistration online at, SIGES ONLlNE of University of Dschang website, httg://
  2. A receipt of twenty thousand (20000) F CFA as registration fees paid into account N° of IFAF n° 37679635001-73 BICEC through any of the financial institutions that the candidate can choose during the downloading of the registration form, (photocopy must be presented in the examination hall).
  3. A certified true copy of Baccalaureat, GCE Advanced level or a certified true copy of the testimonial of the above mentioned certificates.
  4. Certified photocopies of Baccalaureat transcript, the report cards of the Upper Sixth class or a certified true copy of the GCE A level result slip.
  5. A certified photocopy of birth certificate not more than three months old.
  6. A medical certificate of fitness.
  7. Four passport size photographs (4×4) with names written behind.
  8. An envelope (A4) stamped by the post office according to the weight of content and bearing candidate’s address.
NB: Candidates in the Upper Sixth class who are not yet in possession of their Advanced Level results can also sit for the examination on condition that they present an attestation of school attendance for the current academic year (2015/2016). However, they will be finally admitted only after succeeding in the Advanced Level and presenting the item mentioned above in point 3.
Article 4: Registration is non-refundable
Article 5: Only candidates whose files are complete will be selected to sit for the examination.
Application files should comprise the following items:

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