Jobs Opportunity: Field Nutrition Assistant at Plan International

Location: Tokombere,Gazawa,Maroua 1,2,3 , EN, CM

Company: Plan International   

Position:                               Field Nutrition Assistant (FNA)             
Grade:                                   SWC
Department & Location:    Maroua, Garoua and Bertoua PUs    
Reports to (position):        District Supervisor
The project is about providing support to the national program of fight and prevention of malnutrition amongst under five children, pregnant and lactating women through Blanket supplementary feeding program adding to an in-house sensitive response from Plan International Cameroon known as Positive Deviance Hearth with financial and technical the support of Word Food Program, Plan Canada and Plan International Cameroon.
The project’s falls into CP 25 and 27 related health and protection activities.

Level of Contact with Children:
High level:        Frequent interaction with children
Location: Tokombere,Gazawa,Maroua 1,2,3 Lagdo, Guider,Nguelemendouka and Doume
Type of Role: Field Nutrition Agent
Reports to: District Supervisor
Grade: Service Consultant Contract
Closing Date: 05/01/2020


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