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The Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact (CGHPI) serves countries to improve their population health and wellbeing and to safeguard against health-related threats by advancing the use of evidence and human-centered enterprise architecture on the path towards achieving equity and social justice. To achieve this mission, we catalyze the uptake, spread, and implementation of innovations; triangulate data from different sources, and tailor visualization of the information for each audience; design and implement integrated service delivery models; support communi
ties of practice to inform policy and practice through efficient data use and horizontal and vertical collaboration; disseminate best practices and evidence globally through open source learning networks; build global, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and interprofessional networks; undertake research that is informed by local needs; and invest in local leadership to own, provide oversight, and sustain implemented interventions. Georgetown University, through CGHPI, has recently received an award from U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S. CDC) through funding from the U.S President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to support HIV response efforts in Cameroon for achievement of HIV epidemic control to implement a program titled Translating Data and Evidence into Impact (TIDE). As a result, CGHPI is recruiting for the following program implementation positions. All prospective candidates must be fluent in French and working knowledge of English. These positions will be based in Yaoundé or Bertoua. CGHPI is operating in Cameroon as Georgetown Global Health LLC (GGHC)

GGHC Office Positions 
Facility Laboratory Technologist/Technician

Reports to: CTA Coordinator/ Lab In-Charge/Integrated Service Delivery Team Lead
Job Overview: The facility Laboratory Technologist/Technician will support the facility with all necessary laboratory matters related to HIV care management from HIV testing to Viral load determination.

The facility Laboratory Technologist/Technician will:
Train (on-site) and mentor lab and non-lab staff (APS) at the facility on the protocols for realizing pre-analytical, analytical (where it applies) and post-analytical HIV rapid testing, CD4, EID/PCR and Viral Load testing phases.
Ensure documentation of all processes in lab logs / manuals and forms as needed.
Collaborate with site lab head in distributing testing panels to other testing points for Laboratory Quality Assessment
Ensure documentation of the National/international EQA scheme in the site laboratory.
Ensure compliance via implementation of corrective actions
Facilitate CGHPI TA visits in assisting with the review of laboratory notes, charts and graphs for trends and shifts in quality standards. 
Support CGHPI with advocacy to the site lab lead and/or the Hospital management toward laboratory continuous quality improvement.
Submit lab report to CGHPI and GTR as required/requested
Mentor APS and other agents involved in HIV testing
Supervise the overall function of the viral Load/EID/PCR consumable (collection kits, cryotubes, needles, etc.) management in the facility.
Collect samples and processes (centrifuges, separates and aliquots the plasma, store), packages and ensures transportation to ensure efficient sample referral.
Ensure an efficient work flow in sample movement logistics.
Take custody of all viral load/EID samples stored in the facility and subsequent movement to testing facilities.
Identify viral load/EID sample collection dates of patients.
Ensure all VL/EID results are filed in patient’s file in collaboration with other facility staff
Work with other clinical staff to ensure all patients eligible for VL are listed and contacted to come and have their samples collected 
Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the lab/facility lead as a team member

Qualifications, Skills and Specifications

Degree in Biomedical sciences
At least two years of work experience in HIV related laboratory work
Clear understanding of the lab system in Cameroon and the sample courier system of VL, EID and TB sputum samples
Team player with good communication skills.

Instructions for Submitting Applications:

1. All applications should be submitted electronically to
2. Applications should include 3 references that are familiar with applicant’s work experience preferably in the last 2-5 years. References should include contact information including daytime phone and e-mail address.
3. All applications should include a cover letter that details one’s suitability for the job highlighting key functional areas, expected qualifications and experiences.
4. Candidates should attach a 3-page CV/Resume that highlights one’s key achievements in areas relevant to the job
5. Job related stated qualifications and experience are the basic minimum requirements that each applicant must meet to be considered for interviewing.
6. All applicants should include daytime phone contact information.
7. Deadline for application is December 18 2019, 5 PM Cameroon Time. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
8. Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact through its local entity Georgetown Global Health Cameroon is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified persons to apply regardless of gender, ethnicity or any other status variable.

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