Academic calendar of higher education institutions of the Republic of Cameroon for 2019-2020


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Mindful of the Constitution;
Mindful of Law N° 2001/005of16 April  2001on the Orientationof Higher Education;
Mindfulof DecreeN° 93/027of19 January  1993 laying  down general regulations  governing Universities
modified  and completed  by Decree N°2005/342  of 10 September  2005;
Mindful of DecreeN° 20 Il /408 of 9 December  20 Il organizing the Govemment;
Mindful of Decree N° 2012/433of 1 st  October 2012 organizing the Ministry of Higher  Education;
Mindful of DecreeN° 2019/002of 4 January 2019 appointing  members of the Government;
Considering service obligations;



Article 1: This Order organises the academie calendar of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Cameroon for the 2019/2020 academie year,
Article 2.- Within the framework of this Order, the following shall be considered as academie activities:
•teaching, training and learning;
•continuous assessment,  summaries  or final examinations;  and as the case may be,
•Defences of various works (internship  reports, academie or professional theses or dissertations).
Article 3.- Academie activities for the 2019/2020 academie year shall begin on Tuesday, 24th September 2019 and shall imperatively end on Friday, 24th July 2020 in all Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Cameroon.


Article  4.- (1) The above-mentioned academic  year shall be divided into two (02) semesters.
(2)The semesters referred to in paragraph one (1) of this article shall be marked by break periods in teaching.
Article 5.- The break periods  in teaching  shall be determinedas follows:
•First (1st) break: from Thursday, 19th December 2019 at 3:30 pm to Thursday, 2nd January 2020 at 7:30 am;
•Second (2nd)  break:  from Saturday,  28th  March 2020 at 3 :30 pm to Monday,  13th  April  2020
7:30  am.
Article 6.- University holiday shall commence on Friday 24th July 2020 at 7:30 am and shall end on Monday, 7th September 2020 at 7:30 am.
Article 7.– (1) The periods earmarked for national cetificate examinations (HND, BTS, HPD, DSEP) and competitive entrance examinations into faculties and professional schools of State University Institutions and Higher Education Institutions with special status and under academie supervision shall be determined as follows:
•May/July 2020 for national  certificate examinations  (HND, BTS, HPD,  DSEP);
•March/September  2020  for competitive  entrance  examinations.
(2)Dates for the organisation of these certificate examinations and competitive entrance examinations shall be determined and communicated in specifie texts signed by the Minister of Higher Education.


Article 8.- The academie year shall stretch across two (02) semesters for a total of at least twenty-eight (28) weeks and at most thirty-two (32) weeks of effective teaching.
Article  9.- The semesters mentioned  in article 7 above shall be divided  as follows:
•First semester:  from Tuesday, 24th  September 2019  to Saturday,  22nd  February  2020;
•Second semester:  from Tuesday, 3rd  March 2020 to Friday, 24th  July 2020.
Article 10.-In faculties and professional schools, each semester shall consist of teaching activities, continuous assessment, summaries or final examinations, and as the case may be, defences of various works (intemship reports, theses or dissertations).
(1)During each semester, Deans of faculties and Directors of professional schools shall ensure hitch-free conduct in teaching, respect of programmes as well as their progress, the smooth organization of continuous assessment, summaries or final examinations, and as the case may be, defences ofvarious works (intemship reports, theses or dissertations).
Article 11.- (1) During each semester, Deans of faculties and Directors of professional schools shall convene mid and end-of-semester faculty and school academie board meetings in view of assessing academie activities, with particular emphasis on:
•the coverage  rate of the semester’s  programme;
•the level of coverage  of continuous  assessment;
•the success level per teaching  unit for the semes ter.
(2)The reports of the said faculty and school academie boards shall be forwarded to the head of the institution who shall within a fortnight forward a summary thereofto the Minister of Higher Education.
(3)At the end of the academie year, a general report on compliance  with ail the instructions
related  to the executionof academie  activities contained in this Order shall  be written by the, head of the Institution  and forwarded  to the Minister  of Higher  Education.
Article 12.- (1) The summary or final examination in a course unit may only take place seven (07) days at least after the publication of continuous assessment marks of the said teaching unit.
(2)The summary of the resit or the resit examination in a course unit may only take place five (05) days at least after the publication of marks of the summary or final examination in the teaching unit.
(3)Defences of various works (internship reports, theses or dissertations) shall take place before the end of the semester concerned, within the strict observance of the limits of the academie year of this order.
Article 13.- (1) For reasons of rational management of course units, it is advisable to assemble ail the teaching units of a g.iven module in the same semester. Thus,
(2)The end of each semester  shall  be punctuated  by:
•the publication  of all the results of course units and modules;
•the publication of the list of students who have succeeded in the semester, or eventually, who are promoted; and as the case may be,
•the publication of the list of students who have failed, and are allowed to sit for the resit examination, after the publication of the results.
(3)Transcripts  shall  systematically  be issued at the end of each semester.


Article 14. – Pedagogie training sessions for young teachers shall take place in the month ofSeptember 2019.
Article 15.-During the University Games, classes shall be suspended in ail University institutions, except where the Minister of Higher Education decides otherwise.
Article 16.-Post-Graduate Degrees (Master’s II and Doctorate Degrees) pre-registrations, selections and registrations shall take place before Monday, 2 pt October 2019, date of the beginning of lectures.
Article  17. – The elections  of students’ delegates  shall  be held during the month of November2019.
Article 18.- The 2019/2020 academie calendar peculiar to each higher education institution, established in strict respect of this general calendar, shall be forwarded to the Minister of Higher Education, latest on 12th July 2019.
Article 19.- Apart from officiail holidays and those decided upon by a decree of the Head of State, any other interruption ofacademic activities shall be subject to the authorization of the Head of the Higher Education Institution.
Article 20.- The Heads of Higher Education Institutions and the Director of the Coordination of Academie Activities, each in his/her own sphere of competence, shall be responsible for the implementation of this Order which shall be registered and published in English and French wherever need arises.

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