Special recruitment lecturers State universities of Cameroon 2019-2021 

Special recruitment lecturers State universities of Cameroon 2019-2021 

Special recruitment lecturers State universities of Cameroon 2019-2021 – Doctorate degrees / PHD’s. www.recrutement-special-2000minesup.gov.cm Order No. 132/CAB/PM of 10 December 2018 to lay down the organic framework for the special recruitment of lecturers in State universities for the years 2019-2021.
Who can apply?
All Cameroonians aged at most 45 on the first of October 2019 and holders of a Doctorate Degree or a PhD.
What are the filing locations?
Candidates residing in Cameroon should submit files in one of the eight (08) State universities based on their choice.
Candidates residing abroad should submit files in Cameroonian diplomatic missions and consular offices.
What is the deadline for filing a file?
The strict deadline for submission of files is 21 May 2019.
How do I get an answer to other questions ?
There is a dedicated message board on this website. You can access it using the tab located on the bottom right corner of your screen.
Constitution of the Application file
  • A stamped application not older than three (3) months, addressed to the head of the University chosen.
  • A certified photocopy of the birth certificate of less than three (03) months.
  • A detailed and signed curriculum vitae.
  • Certified photocopies conforming to all diplomas obtained from the baccalaureate or the GCE Advanced level
  • A copy of the PhD or PhD thesis.
  • Copies of articles or drawn apart from any publications, if anyA medical certificate of less than three (03) months and established by a physician in the public health sector.
  • Four (04) photos of 4 x 4 identities (in color)
  • A photocopy of the national identity card or the valid receipt.
  • A certificate of service in the quality of permanent education in the University of origin, duly signed by a competent authority, for candidates in the ranks of lecturers, lecturer and Professor.
  • An excerpt from Bulletin No. 3 of the criminal record of less than three (03) months.
  • A certificate of nationality and/or, in the case of candidates residing abroad, photocopies of the passport and residence permit certified by the Cameroonian consular services.
  • An attestation of effective presence duly signed by a competent authority (for candidates seeking a change of body);
  • Prior authorization from the user Minister or the head of the Home Administration (for candidates seeking a change of body). kamerpower.com
  • A copy of the national disability card (for persons with disabilities).
  • A commitment to honour concerning (I) the authenticity of the exhibits presented, (ii) the actual availability of the candidate and, in the case of candidates residing abroad, (iii) the absence of any circumstance which may give rise to a double wage situation.

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