AIESEC Recruitment of 100 Young Students and Graduates


AIESEC is a youth-led global organization that strives to achieve peace and the full realization of human potential by empowering young people’s leadership skills through experience in challenging environments. In collaboration with partner organizations, AIESEC runs a network of intercultural exchanges in the form of volunteer experiences and professional internships. 

To continue contributing to the realization of this vision, AIESEC DOUALA recruits from March 11 to 31, 2019 students and recent graduates volunteers, able to work in the following departments:

  • Volunteer Internship 
  • Department Professional Internship 
  • Department Entrepreneurial Internship 
  • Department Marketing and Digital 
  • Department Partnership Development 
  • Department Human Resource
  •  Management Department Finance,
  • Administration and Legal Department

You are a student or recent university graduate and would like to:

  • Develop your leadership and acquire practical professional skills
  • Extend your network internationally
  • Work in a multicultural environment
  • Boost your resume

Apply via the link below: 


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