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Forestry Concours 2017 – 2018 Cameroon:




N ° . 0045 / PR / MINFOF / SG /CE 20 March 2017
National Forestry School Mbalmayo : Forestry concours 2017-2018 Cameroon
The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife hereby informs the staff of his ministry, public and semi – public enterprises. forest companies , Cameroon- based forest- related NGO ‘ s . and individuals wishing to undergo training or retraining in forestry , that the competitive entrance examination into the National Forestry School Mbalmayo will be conducted on the 02 , 03 and 04 August 2017 at Lycee general leclerc Yaounde and Garoua wildlife school unique centres .
The following cycles and number of places are available :

Assistant Forestry Technician (ATEF )
=> 75 places (02 foreigners , 05 internals )

Forestry Technician (TEF ) => 75 places (02 foreigners . 05 internals ).
Senior Forestry Technician (TSEF )

=> 75 places (02 foreigners . 05 internals )

(State employees and the forestry profession ):

1 2 .1 – Assistant Forestry Technician Cycle:
Be a Forestry Technical Assistant (ATAEF ) or agricultural technical assistant (ATAA ) with at least two (2 ) years professional experience .
Be at most 45 years on the date of the examination .

1 .2 .2 Forestry Technician Cycle;
Be a holder of an Assistant Forestry Technician certificate (ATEF ) or an Agriculture Technicians Certificate (ATA) or an equivalent certificate with at least two (2 ) years professional experience .
Be at most 50 years on the date of the examination . Forestry concours 2017- 2018 Cameroon

1 .2 .3Senior Forestry Technician Cycle:
Be a holder of a Forestry Technician’ s certificate (TEF ) or Agriculture technician ‘s certificate (TA) with at least two (2 ) years professional experience .
Be at most 50 years on the date of the examinations.
(1 ) For Cameroonian civil servants, in conformity with article 13 sub 2 of decree N° 2000/ 696 / PM of 13 September 2000 laying down the general principles for government competitive examinations, only civil servants that have worked effectively in their respective grades as of the 1 st of January in the year of the competitive examination for 5 years shall be allowed to take part in this professional competitive examination for their reclassification in the Public Service.
(2 ) Foreign candidates not resident in Cameroon and who fulfill the above conditions (qualification and age) may be admitted upon examining the files they would have forwarded to the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife through their respective embassies or diplomatic missions in Cameroon. They should specify the source of funding to cover their expenses in Cameroon (State , public or private organization, NGO , Family, or other sources)

Candidates complete files should be deposital at the in – coming mail office of the ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, ground floor of ministerial building N ° 2 . or at the Wildlife Specialist School in Garoua in the office of the Head of service for Administration and Finance , latest 23 June 2017 at 3 30 pm. The file should comprise the following documents:
1 . A registration form that can be downloaded from MINFOF ’ s web site www. minfof .cm / concours -enef- 2017 or taken from the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife when depositing your documents .
2 . A stamped hand writing application addressed to the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, specifying the cycle requested.
3 . Three recent color passport – size photographs (4 × 4 ).
4 . A certified copy of birth certificate signed by an administrative or municipal authority .
5 . A certified copy of the required certificate . Forestry concours 2016- 2017 Cameroon
6 . A medical certificate of fitness for forest work not more than three months old and signed by a medical doctor working with the administration.
7 . An extract of the candidates criminal record not more than three months old .
8 . A certified copy of ATAEF , ATAA, ATEF , ATA TEF or TA testimonial for internal candidates.
9 . A certificate of effective presence duly signed by the candidates boss (for internal candidates ).
10 . An authorization signed by the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms for internal candidates.
11 . Integration decision for internal candidates.
12 . A signed authorization and letter of sponsorship from public or semi -public establishment , forest company and NGO for their candidates .
13 . An authentic receipt attesting the payment of the examination fee of ten thousand francs (10 000 ) FCFA for external candidates and twelve thousand five hundred francs (12 500 ) FCFA for civil servants, candidates from public and semi – public enterprises, forest companies and NGOs .
above shall be paid against a receipt while submitting candidates files to
Madame . MOUKOURI Marie Noel ,
Mle: 753533 – Z. Assistant Research Officer at the Education Unit of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, ministerial building n ° 2 , room 1732 at the 17 th floor , for candidates wishing to submit their files in Yaounde or to the head of the service for Administration and Finance in the Garoua Wildlife Specialist School for those who wish to submit their files in Garoua.


3.1- Written part; Forestry Concours 2017-2018 Cameroon

  • 3.1.1 Cycle C: Assistant Forestry Technicians

Wednesday 02-08-2017 SUBJECTS Duration Coefficient
8H00 – 10H00 Mathematics 2Hours 3
10H30 -12H30 Natural or Physical sciences 2 Hours 3
13H00 – 14H00 Language  1Hour 1
Wednesday 02-08-2017
14H30 – 16H00 General knowledge 1Hour 30mins 3

3.1.2 Cycle B1: Forestry Technicians

Thursday 03-08-2017  SUBJECTS Duration Coefficient
08H00 – 10H00
  • Natural or Physical sciences
  • Forest sciences
2Hours 5
10H30 -12H30 Mathematics 2 Hours 5
Thursday 03-08-2017
13H00 – 14H00 Language 1Hour 1
14H30 – 16H00 General knowledge 1Hour 30mins 3

3.1.3 Cycle B2: Forestry Technicians


Friday 04-08-2017 SUBJECTS Duration Coefficient
8H00 – 10H00 Mathematics 2Hours 5
10H30 -12H30
  • Natural or Physical sciences. 
  • Forest sciences
2 Hours 5
Friday 04-08-2017
13H00 – 14H30 General knowledge 1Hour 30mins 4
15H00 – 16H00 Language 1 Hours

The examination syllabus shall be that of the O / L for the Assistant Forestry Technician cycle, lower sixth science for the Forestry Technician cycle and AIL sciences for the Senior Forestry Technician level for General Education and O/ L and A/ L Technical Education in Wood Industry . Forestry concours 2017- 2018 Cameroon.

External candidates shall be tested in
Natural or Physical Sciences while
internal candidates and candidates considered as such as well as graduates in forest- wood industry shall be tested in
Forest Sciences .

3 .3 Publication of results
The written part of the competitive entrance examination and the final results shall be published by the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife.

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