Presidential support program for the employability of young higher education graduates via the creation of enterprises (PRO-PAEJ)


As part of the implementation of the New University Governance Policy, articulated around “Quality Assurance, Professionalisation, and the Employability of graduates”, the Ministry of Higher Education, on the Very High Instructions of His Excellency Paul BIYA, President of the Republic, Head of State, and under the supervision of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, hereby launches for young graduates of Public and Private Institutions of Higher Education, a program called: “Presidential Support Program for the Employability of Young Graduates of Higher Education via the Creation of Enterprises”(PRO-PAEJ), which aims at supporting young Cameroonian graduates of Higher Education, promoters of a project in the creation and management of enterprises with high and descent employment potentials.

Kinds of Support :

  • Project funding ;
  • Marketing of the activity ;
  • Installation Assistance ;
  • Provision of equipment ;
  • Technical, legal and administrative assistance.

Eligibility :

  • Be of Cameroonian nationality, regardless of sex and between the ages of 16 and 40 ;
  • Holder of at least a higher education diploma not more than 05 years old ;
  • Have an enterprise or carrying out an income-generating activity.

Constitution of the application file :

  • A description of the project to be downloaded from the MINESUP website: or ;  
  • An administrative file of the project leader ;
  • A certified copy of the highest university degree ;
  • A certified copy of the birth certificate ;
  • An extract of the certificate of non-conviction, Bulletin n ° 3 not  more than 03 months old ;
  • A resume

Administrative file of the activity :
For those who have an enterprise:

  • Business license ;
  • Taxpayer’s card.

For those who have an income-generating activity :

  • All supporting documents.

For those who have an idea of a project.

  •  Present the idea of the creation of an enterprise.

The complete application files can either be sent electronically via: [email protected] or deposited on the 16th floor Ministry of Higher Education, Room 1636. The deadline for the reception of application files is November 29, 2019 at 3.30 pm.

Click here for The descriptive sheets of the call for applications for the PRO PAEJ project 

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